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The People Behind The Animals

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


Q: What should we do to prepare before a show?

A: There are a few things you can do before your show to ensure that

setup is quick and easy;

  • Please make sure any pets are secured away
    from the show area.

  • Make the area clear of toys and handlers
    have space to set up.

  • No food is allowed during the show,
    please plan your pizza/bbq/etc.

  • If Outdoors: Choose an area that offers shade for the animals (we may have
    to change location if the temperatures outside are not ideal for our animals).

Q: How long do your shows last?

A: When you choose your show package you are paying for the number of animals not the length of time. We do this because every group is different. We can give you approximate times when you book your show but it will depend on the interaction level of the group.

Q: How many kids can we invite?

A: Show prices quoted are for 15 participants or less. We recommend 12 or under for maximum handling times and interaction. There is a charge of $10/person after 15 participants. 

Q: What happens at a party?
A: During the show, we introduce our animals one at a time. We talk about the species and share any stories that particular animal may have. Our handlers will answer any questions as they pass the animals around to be touched or handled.

Q: Do you have a location we can visit?
A: Although this is the plan for the future, we only provide

traveling shows at your chosen location at this time.

Q: Can you bring/not bring specific animals?
A: Absolutely! Or most popular requests include

"No Tarantulas" and "We want to meet the turtle!" 

Animal availability is subject to change based on health,

feeding schedule or shedding.


Q: Do your animals bite?

A: Any animal can bite or sting when threatened or mishandled. We teach the participants how to properly handle our creatures and they are highly accustomed to public interaction, so the chances of this happening are very slim. If a bite did occur, all of the animals we educate with are harmless to humans. 

Q: May we take pictures?
A: Photography is perfectly acceptable and we encourage you to share the photos via social media
or e-mail.

Q: Can I have my show outside?

A: Yes as long as a shaded area is provided and the weather is warm (but not HOT)