Animals for Adoption

These animals were brought in from unfavourable living conditions, have been treated by veterinary professionals when needed and rehabilitated. They are now looking for their forever homes. 


If you are interested in adopting one of our rescues, please email us at VICreatureTeachers@gmail.com indicating which animal you are interested in. Please Note: We will request a video chat in order to see proof that an appropriate enclosure is set up before the animal is released to you. 

I'm Nemo

Nemo is thought to be a male but this has not been confirmed. He is a hypo (salmon) possible super, possible het albino. His grandmother was also a salmon his grandfather was albino. His father was salmon het albino his mother was a salmon unknown if she had any hets.  This boy was not a rescue and has always been in impeccable health. He is approximately 6 feet long. We recommend an advanced level keeper due to his size and strength. 


Boa Constrictor




Adult (6 yrs)





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