a company was born...

Using suction to remove excess mucus from Bronco the Blood Python

De-briding a facial abscess on Norman the Boa Constrictor

It was winter of 2011 when she brought home yet another "free to good home" pet reptile in need of medical attention. He arrived with a large laceration on his back and a severe respiratory infection. This was the result of improper husbandry and care. Upon closer inspection, the snake was covered in mites, a common external parasite found on snakes in captivity. Early 2012, Bronco the Blood Python lost his battle with the respiratory infection and sadly passed away.


Jennifer Lestage found herself standing at a crossroads. She wanted to find a way to educate the public on these amazing animals that she had spent her entire life studying and keeping. She wanted to teach potential owners about the joys and responsibilities of keeping these kinds of pets. What's more, she wanted to promote a respect for all living things in a way that was fun and entertaining.

After nearly one year of planning, Vancouver Island Creature Teachers hatched on February 1, 2012. We teach participants of all ages about the ecology, biology and proper care and maintenance of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.


Our Mission:

To promote a healthy respect and understanding of all living things through experiential education.

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